Abilene Reinvents Its Downtown

The City of Abilene, TX has issued a Request for Proposals for a downtown conference center hotel and  new mixed-use development on City owned property adjacent to the City’s existing convention center.  The City is following the suggestion of its recently completed Economic Development Strategic Plan targeting downtown as a new center of business activity with  increased opportunities for mixed-use development.  Gossman Group assisted the City and Abilene Industrial Foundation in the creation of a vision for the hotel and surrounding City owned properties.  Aptly named the Festival District, the vision recommends an enhanced entertainment district complementing the convention center and the proposed hotel.  This new district will connect the City’s historic downtown to the burgeoning medical district which includes Hendrick Medical Center and the Texas Tech School of Nursing and Pharmaceutical School.  The goal is to build an intentional sense of place built for hospitality and community celebration.



It’s a unique public/private partnership for real estate developers interested in creating a distinctive urban destination for West Central Texas.

City controlled properties for hotel-entertainment district

While the primary objective is to construct the hotel, the city will entertain developer proposals for completing the entire vision, “either in phases or in one master project,” Mayor Norm Archibald states in the invitation to bid.  The project area is within a three-block city-owned downtown site to the southwest of Pine and 6th Streets.