Gossman Group Represents in Music, Architecture and Planning at Heritage Ohio Conference

It was a busy few days for Gossman Group at the Heritage Ohio Annual Conference in Newark, OH on October 21 – 23.  The conference was held in downtown Newark with opening festivities at the famous Basket Building, the former headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company.  In fact, Craig put down his pens and picked up the guitar on Sunday, performing with his band, the Barley Bros, at an open house where the public was invited to tour the Basket Building.  As a Heritage Ohio Board Member and financial sponsor, Craig and I were present at the Legacy Circle Reception Monday evening when building owner Steve Coon announced his plans to turn the Basket Building into a luxury hotel.  On Tuesday, Craig presented on Finding Compatability: Fitting New Architecture into the Historic Urban Context.  After providing background on the trends affecting urban core development, Craig defined the in-fill architectural approaches that most resonate with him by reviewing University of Notre Dame architecture professor, Steven W. Semes Four Architectural Structures for Additions to Historic Settings including “literal interpretation”, “invention within a style”, “abstract reference” and “intentional opposition.”  He argued that each of these approaches have a place in our historic districts and context is everything.  You can see a condensed presentation here. GossmanGroup CompatibleInfill Condensed 2019

I followed Craig’s presentation with a Berlitz course on zoning 101 for Main Street managers.  I explained how zoning codes have evolved over the years as planning theory has changed, legal constraints have fluctuated, and political priorities have shifted.  In 1926, in the Village of Euclid, Ohio, zoning was first upheld as constitutional in order to separate incompatible uses.  Now Euclidian zoning is thought to be a barrier to economic rebirth and vitality and many communities are turning their backs on it.  In this session we discussed how zoning might help or hinder the audience’s economic vitality and design efforts.

Gossman Group is proud to sponsor Heritage Ohio and be a member of the Legacy Circle working to support the historic preservation movement in Ohio.