50 South Liberty St Infill, Powell, OH

The City of Powell is one of central Ohio’s premier communities, sought after for its high quality of life, unique community character, and vibrant business environment. Situated in a significant growth corridor in southern Delaware County, Powell has planned for continued growth and development in a responsible and strategic manner. It has retained the charm of a small town with rural roots while responding to changing trends and Sidewalkdevelopment pressures in a way that is uniquely Powell.  Craig Gossman led the master plan process and designed a significant infill project in the historic downtown.  50 South Liberty Street included two-story 40,000 sf mixed-use building carefully designed to project the appearance of an assemblage of several small buildings.  Tenanting for the mixed use building included restaurant/cafes and retail on the first floor and office space on the second floor.  The catalytic project led to additional investment in the historic core of Powell.


50 South Liberty 016 (3)